Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kids are funny!

Here we are sitting eatting dinner and the normal starts! T starts coughing (she doesnt really want to eat what we have for dinner) Then from the coughing it heads into the runny nose! oh now we need tissues!! ok off she goes to get them!! hmmm dinner of yeah we still have only eaten maybe half a fork full! So sit down again and lets try for the second mouth full of HOME MADE MEAT POTATOE PIE! Oh no T starts coughing again!!!! Agghh and so on and so on! Its a never ending cycle and in about 30mins of sitting down to eat dinner has gone cold and she has prob only eaten 5 or so mouth fulls of dinner!!! So from here we try the "Do you want some sweets???" with that comes maybe another 3-4 mouth fulls of food! and as we are getting to the end YAY!!! ok its only 45 mins later! oh and I have to say that I was pretty much ready to burst out laughing by this point as I think to my self we have to do this all over again next meal time!!! The joys of kids!!!

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