Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A long time away PART One

So much has happened and I really should have blogged about if only just to keep things clear in my head..... I need to start at the start.... Flower did come back to live with us... When she came back we didnt know at the time if she would be with us for longer or for life.... Flowers case went back to court and there was a lot of adjournments and for a while I really didn't think we would EVER get an answer... November 2011 she came back. It wasn't until October 2012 that we heard the news that long term orders had been granted. It was handed down that Flower would be in our care till she turns 18 years old.... We have also learned that this law now states that the bio parents have the right to apply to over turn this order IF they get there life back on track. That I have to say was a very hard pill to swallow but for now we are taking it on day at a time. In November 2012 my sweet dear Mum passed away. We got the phone call that she was not well and they maybe we needed to come and see her. We decided that we would pack up all the kids and made the big 16 hour drive to see Mum. When we arrived she was in a coma it was so hard to see her life like this. The next few days were a crazy long days sitting at the hospital hoping that we would hear something that would mean good news. Sadly that news would not come with all of her organs shutting down one by one. On the Saturday the doctors said there was no more they could do for her and that they would now just try and make her comfortable. Giving Mum so many pain meds that was really mind blowing trying to make her comfortable. At one point Mum was having an injection every 5 mins to try and settle her. Around 3am on the4th of November the nurse came into give her a wash. While turning her on to her side she made a horrible moaning sound, then they laid her back on to her back. It was not long after that she took her last breath passing away just after 4am...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flower come back after 6 weeks

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Snap Shot Flower

Sunday Snapshot

My sweet sweet foster baby who grew into a wonderful flower..... We had flower from birth and watched her grow.. At two and half years old the powers to be decided it was time for her to try living with her birth family.... Sadly this past week she went home and I have cried a million tears... How I miss my flower.....

My prayer is that she is safe and loved.... Miss you so much Flower....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Flowers first overnight

Is tonight and I feel so sad I keep thinking the little things that I need to get done and how I would work around it with Flower... then it hits she wont be here tonight...

Or what I am going to cook for dinner tonight and how to wokr flowers food intolreance into it ..............then it hits me she wont be here tonight.....

I think how will need to be back at 4 for when flower gets back from access and then its hits me she wont be here tonight...

now I fee like I dont want to be here tonight

Saturday, September 03, 2011

17th Oct - Flowers last day..

Starting next week Flower will be no going 5 full days, that will happen for 2 weeks and then it will be overnights twice a week for two weeks then on to weekends and then gone by the 17th Oct.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So if you can bare to hear any more read on!

After going back and forth on if I would send Flower with her Bubba I decided that its in Flowers best interest to have it with her! Its hers she loves Bubba.

SO today I sent it along only to get a msg from CW that while dropping off Flower to access the bparents said that the bubba IS NOT WELCOME AT their house AT ALL... That Flower DOES not sleep with Bubba at their house. And that Bubba was broken when we sent it.


Well that makes me want to blow my top you know the STEAM coming out of my ears type blow!

Why you ask? Well bios have photos on their facebook page of Flower ASLEEP hugging Bubba ? They are lying that she doesnt sleep with her! This Bubba isnt there for them its there for Flower and her comfort!?!?!!?!??!! W t ???????????????? How very selfish of these people and how sad for Flower

Thursday, August 11, 2011

JUST ONE day??????

Flower has a handmade "bubba" that we have been sending back and forth for her to have something that is hers and gives her comfort! She loves "bubba" and for a 2 year old she treats this so gentle with her... Well coming home from from access yesterday it wasnt sent home for her and Flower cried her self to sleep (there have been asked that they can forget anything else jsut dont forget "bubba")

SO I emailed today pleading they go and get it for her so we dont have another sad night, they went and picked her up and "bubba"s head was hanging off and was covered in dog hair and all dirty.....

I am so wild again and so sad for Flower am trying to get it fixed

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Flower was forgotten to be picked up from access today....... After waiting for 45 mins I rang office....

no one remembered to pick her up

REALLY how can I trust these people to do their jobs right if they cant remember the simple stuff?????

Monday, August 08, 2011

R u kidding me?

after a requested meeting today was told that....

the next 3 weeks is the do or die of Flowers case.. if they can not pick up theit act (bios) that there will be desion that they will LOOK at stoping the restoration.

what ever happened the other week was enough for them to pull a days worths of access and to make them put in more check -ups. They have said that if they cannot pick up there act in the 3 weeks that its all down hill..

I cant help but think that if they could not get get their act into gear for 2 years then why does this next 3 weeks make a difference? And look if it comes down to it most likely they could DO it for 3 weeks... what about the REST of her life???????????????????