Wednesday, October 17, 2007

With all the sickness in the house over the last week and a half we had to cancel the party we had planed for Arliah.

We were going to have a blow-up bouncing casllte and a few friends for a BBQ!
Oh well there is always next year!!

There was no way I was having anyone come over and catch what the girls had it was just Nasty!

But we did have a little cleabration and still had a cake oh and dont forget the presents!!

So HAPPY Birthday to my dear sweet Arliah!

Oh and the girls are on the mend and getting better everyday!


-Jamie said...

sad when life has to revolve around illnesses! seems to be the time of year round here!

hope everyone is better soon!

OziMum said...

Happy birthday Arliah! You are a gorgeous princess!

Sorry everyone is so sick! I had to cancel Harry's second birthday party - we all woke up with chronic gastro! Ewwww!

Maggie said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl!