Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spoke to a lovley lady

It does seem to run very differently here with SN! But from what I told this lady of what DOCS had told me seems they are trying to pull the wool over my eyes a little!!!

They are really not into you adopting SN kids even how minor the SN may be!! She basically said to stick to my guns and make sure that I keep SAYING SN SN SN all the way though! Oh and that your dossier will only go out in groups all packed in with NSN dossiers so to make sure that your request for SN its on the front page otherwise it will so inline with everyone else's! She also said that when they go again they will jump up and down to have there dossier sent out alone!!!

She did say that from what they are hearing is that there is a shortage of baby in China! And excepted the wait for NSN to extend longer! I wanted to ask where that info was from but thought I better not get to nosey! But there are soooooooo many rumors everywhere I don't think anyone really knows not even the CCAA She did say that they are planing to go and teach English in China soon!!

On a side note I had my homestudy done for family day care and that went well! But then the same day found out the course I needed to do for the basic child care certificate was cancelled!!! AAghhhh!!!!

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