Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Please can we have a full nights sleep!

Well over the last week or so Arliah has been a SHOCKING sleeper! Nothing wrong with her medicaly but just wakiang up everynight around 11pm and not settling until 2-3am every 20mins or so in that time we are up and down like yo-yo's until at least she does go back to sleep or we give up and she ends up in our bed!

But last night it was a nightmare she started around 10pm ...... in our bed by 12.... and tossed, turned, cried, layed on top of me, got out of bed until she fell asleep at 4ish......... then the twins were up at 6AM!!! omg omg omg I need sleep!!!!!!

Now I am wide awake!


tracy said...

Geesh, that sounds like an active night. Hope you get more sleep tonight!

Lee-Anne said...

Yikes! Nothin worse than getting broken sleep. Hope Arliah settles down tonight!