Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hopes for 2007

I have been thinking and there are so many I really dont know where to start!

For my twins to be happy as the start school in 2007... That they stay true to themselves

the year I will have with Arliah at home... That she will adjust to not having her bro and sis with her everyday!!!

For health and happenss for my family and friends...

To maybe by some slim very chance get a LID for China..... trying to beat the CCAA's new rules

For everyone with LID's that they get to see their little ones face's soon...

Live everyday like it is my you just never know

that my rose bush out the front flowers this year....(ya silly I know)

to lose weight..........

Well at least thats a start!


wait4bella said...

Happy New Year Chelley! May you and your family have the best year ever!

tracy said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Your hopes are all fantastic and I can so relate to them.