Thursday, February 08, 2007

Starting School!

Well they did it!! WITH NO TEARS!!! Mum well thats another story! They were SO excited when they got there and seemed pretty happy about starting! Tiarna went in with no probs! Kagen was a little less eager to go in the door but still went in with out too much coxing!!

I didnt cry at all at the school! It wasnt until I got home and the house was so VERY quiet then it hit me! And I started crying!!! Man it felt better to let it out!!
The Allan came in and asks "whats wrong?"


I asked Kagen and Tiarna what they liked about there day and this is what they each said

to tell you about my first day at school. It was a bit tireing and it was a little bit fun. And I loved my first day at school. My teachers name is Mrs Hinchey. Also my friend from Rainbow Heaven is in my class too. I was shown all around the school and I now know where the canteen is and the toilets but I have to go with a teacher. We went to the computer room and the library up stairs which we had to go up very careful and there was lots of books. And we went to the hall where the stage is. We had lunch outside and inside. I had a buddy today and his name was James just like my train.There is a workmans shed where they keep all the work stuff

a schoolgirl all by my self Im a big girl and Im 5. I love Heaven and she is my friend and I love everyone and . They showed me how to to go to the toilet and. I love Mrs Spain she is my school teacher. I wanna be a big girl, I did some drawing but no painting today
Till next week. I love Ponys and I have a MOVIE OF MY PONY. I went to the library and I love my school shirt
And my shoes


Lee-Anne said...

CUTE! Wow, It must be hard watching the twins go off to school!

tracy said...

What a big day for you and them! They look so cute and smiley!

Suz said...

Aww Chelley, I know it is so tough! I did like you - no big tears until I came home to the empty house and saw D's blankie lying all alone on the chair where she left him.

They grow so quickly - you'll be amazed in the change in them in just a few months - they turn into big kids!