Friday, May 25, 2007

7 secrets about me

After reading OziMum's blog

I thought I would do mine......

1, I was married at 18 years old and Divorced 21.... young dumb and STUPID!

2, I met Al (hubby) though the internet!

3, I was on the Good Morning Australia show when I was five years old for a get fit thing they were doing at schools.... Only thing was I pretending to eat the carrot and spat it out after they went to commerical!!

4, I can wiggle my hair back and forth on my head. You would swear I was wearing a wig.

5, I use to fit into a size 8!!!! now I am a umm errr mmmmmmmmm16-18mmm errrrrr

7, I kissed my first boy when I was 15 years old on an Amtrack train from Denver Colorado to Chicago Illinois


Mom of 5 said...

At least after # 1 you found Mr. Right #2 !!
That's cool !

Rhonda said...

I think we need to see a tape of the carrot-eating. LOL, just kidding.