Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gifts! And what we didnt do! *grin*

Since we have been married we have not had our anniversary day together one of us as always had to work! It was AL's turn today so he headed to the shower, a little after that I went in to the bathroom to brush my teeth and AL invited me in to shower with him!

So I popped my head out the door and all the kids are happy watching the mornings cartoons and colouring in! So I thought well OK!

I closed the door and jumped into the shower! I swear not 2 mins after getting in Kagen comes in and wants to brush his teeth... Then 2 mins after that Tiarna decides that its time to do her hair! And about 3 mins after that Arliah comes in because "HEY she doesn't want to miss out". SO that was the end of that... Oh bother!

Normally nobody would be in the bathroom with me when I have a shower Al said that it was just his luck! hehehehe!! The life and times of kids! We have to laugh!

This is the ring I bought for AL. It was a hard descion to make! First I wanted to get a ring that he would be able to wear all the time and that would fit him as soon as he opened the gift! But nope that wasn't going to happen when I found out that his ring size is a Z the BIGGEST size they had in the store was 7 sizes smaller! And that ring was UGLY!

So then I just thought ok just go with what I like then have it up sized (feel like I need to ask if you want fries with that)

But he loved the ring and yes it will go back to the shop tom morrow to get made BIGGER!!

AL gave me a gift certificate to get a tattoo!!!!

What do I do? What do I get? Do I want something that is going to be there FOREVER?!?!?

If I was to get something I def want something to do with Denver

But what would it be? His name? A picture? I don't want anything to big just something that I know is there and I can so off if I want too..

Oh man don't know will have to think long and hard about this one!


Mom of 5 said...

That shower episode is hilarious !
That's life with a bunch of kiddos.
I want a tattoo I just have to get Dave to agree.
Happy Anniversary !!

MMrussianadoption said...

Never forget to lock the door!!!lol

OziMum said...

If I got a tat it'd be a dragonfly. Only coz I've got a "thing" for them, and it's relatively small!!! But where do you put it?!!! I think in the small of your back, shoulder or ankle, guess it depends if you want people to see it all the time?
Good luck choosing!!!

Glad Al liked his ring! Nice! Gorgeous pics in last post too!!! Sorry your romantic shower interlude was as "intimate" as you would've liked!!!

-Jamie said...

I, too, got a kick out of the shower story. Been there for sure.

I have a tatoo on my hip....sentimental of my time living in Hawaii. But your is much more meaningful!