Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A new opportunity....

After a lot of thought and talking Allan and I are sending in our expression of interest to become foster parents.

I am also trying to find books, blogs and as much info that I can.(so send them my way if you know of any)

It is a very exciting step we are taking and I know it wont be without its heartache!

The types we are open to and looking at are

Emergency - where children need somewhere safe to stay for a few nights

Short-breaks - where disabled children or children with special needs or behavioural difficulties enjoy a short stay on a pre-planned, regular basis with a new family, and their parents or usual foster carers have a short break for themselves

Long-term - not all children who cannot return to their own families want to be adopted, especially older children or those who continue to have regular contact with relatives.

Foster carers need to go through thorough preparation and assessment so are going to have some fun!

Some things that I am thinking hard on are kids in care have sometimes been neglected, physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally abused.

It is something that I will work hard on and be aware of the effects on my children...

And no I haven't forgotten about China! I am still waiting for my turn that wont be for awhile as Arliah we need to be at least 5 years old. As you cant adopt out of birth order!


Maggie said...

That's great! I don't go into many specifics about Slugger's issues on my blog, but if you have any questions or want to know anything specific just ask!

Chris and Kar said...

Oh my goodness, that is the most awesome thing ever! I admire and respect you so much for such a huge decision. There's no way to measure what your influence will have on probably numerous children. What a big heart you have!

Tee said...

Good One!!!! You'll all be FAB...ha,ha!

-Jamie said...

that is so great. We have thought a lot about adoption as well...but I don't know how to actually make the decision or when to take that step? I have a lot of questions on how the dynamics will be if we mix blood children with adopted....questions that no one can answer because each situation is sooooo different. Anyway, would love to hear how all your experiences go!


Fostermama said...

We have been foster parents for three years now and I can tell you the need is HUGE. They still call us with babies even though I have 3 that are 3 and under!

Best wishes.