Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mobile phone numbers and gifts

Tiarna came home from school with a lovely picture drawn for her from a "boy" at school! I thought to myself "How Cute!"

Two days later in Tiarna's school bag is a another picture and on the back a boys name and a mobile phone number!!!

WHAT?!?!? How many 5 year olds you do you know give out them?!?!?

Then yesterday..... A gift in a silk bag


I think its too much!! Then the teacher tell me that "boy" is following Tiarna around EVERY where at school HOLDING hands!!!! OK This needs to stop!

Call me over the top but 5 year olds and boyfriends, holding hands, gifts and phone numbers... I don't need this YET!!!

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MMrussianadoption said...

wow, you would think you would have more than 5 years to worry about this kind of thing. Well, I guess your daughter is just so cute he cant resist. If it keeps going on, you should go to school and return the gifts to the boy. Tell him that it is wonderful that Tiarna has a good friend like him, but the gifts are unnessesary. Or better yet, have the teacher return them to his parents. They probably don't even know he is leaving the house with all of this and giving it away. It will stop immediately then.