Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can you spare a prayer?

I ran across this story , and my heart totally went out to this family.

Confessions Of A CF Husband

A blog link was posted, and it was of a husband, and a new father. His blog states this about him:
"My name is Nathan. My wife, Tricia has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and had been preparing for a double lung transplant until we discovered we are pregnant.
Tricia is the most incredible person I've ever met. She keeps me humble and
in love."

Tricia could no longer handle the pregnancy, and their baby girl, Gwyneth was delivered at 24 weeks 5 days, a mere 1lb 6oz. If you remember, Rowan's lowest weight she got down to was 1lb 6oz, so I am very aware at how tiny of a baby this is. And over the next few weeks, she'll actually lose weight.

Gwyneth is in the NICU, and Tricia is gradually being awaken from sedation. It is a critical time for both of them.

I found this very touching, and it brought tears to my eyes when I read it. This is the husband writing this.

"I prayed this morning at Tricia's bed, holding her left hand with tears in my eyes. I expressed to God that I will accept anything He chooses for Tricia in the next few hours and days if He would allow just one person to understand and accept Him as their Savior. I don't like the idea of making deals with God, but I needed a sign that He is God."

So if you have prayers to spare can you send them this family's way! And If you have the time stop by and leave a note to let them know that we are thinking about them!


Tricia's DAD said...

Thanks so much for taking time to post Nate's blog. Tricia's deepest desire was to be a MOM. She has 5 sibblings and motherhood was a natural. The Lord has blessed her with Gwyneth and as I read your blog you understand the challenges before them. Thanks again and may the Lord bless you on your journey as you trust Him to guide.

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Christine said...

Thank you for sharing this. This tiny precious life needs our prayers.

Kids Special Needs said...

Oh that brings tears to my eyes. I will keep that family in my thoughts and prayers!!

Hugs to you~~

Mom of 5 said...

Beautiful blog !!
What a story ...