Monday, January 21, 2008

There are 339 days until Christmas Day 2008!

that's for any of you that are already getting ready for Christmas! Spoke to a lady at work today who is ALREADY buying Christmas gifts!!! Oi OI oi!

I am hoping that this will be the week we here something about our Foster Care Training! (please please please call this week) I really ready to get this wagon train moving!!!

I have been looking for books to read but have not found anything that has jumped out and said "READ ME"

And this week is our 3rd week of using our "Rewards Chart"

I made this up and I am really hoping to use it with foster kids as well!

the idea is you get to earn 4 green stars you can receive a reward e.g you get a your choice of TV time! Doing a special craft! etc!

or you can bank your 4 stars and go up to the next colour star and
earn 4 of them to get to do things like rent a movie, have a milkshake at the local shop!

or you can bank once again and earn 4 more stars (another colour) and if you do that then you get $10 in your bank account!

So in order to get your $10 you need to earn 12 stars!

ways of earning stars....
by doing things that you know you have to do! (without been told to, eg you need to make your bed, clean your teeth and get dressed, pick up your OWN mess) 1 star per day

you can also earn a star by doing extra little things and overall doing the right thing!

BUT and you know there is a catch!

you can lose stars!

by not doing what you are told and inappropriate behaviour..

So far so good! All 3 seem to have a grasp on how it works and how to get the starts they want! This is the first time that I have done anything like this so it has been interesting!! And has cut down some yelling!! hehehe Just have to mention the word STAR and proof! Good child???? We will see how long this will last!

P.S I know that the star chart says I am star! It should say I am a STAR but I haven't got around to that YET!!!


MMrussianadoption said...

sorry, cant help ya with foster care books. Teachers do incentive charts like this all the time in the classroom. hope it goes well for ya.

Christine said...

It's too early to be thinking of Christmas! :)