Monday, March 10, 2008

What we will do....WHEN we get approved!

Respite, short, medium and long term care!

Yup we will do it all!

And they may up our limit of kids if we have a long term child and they need us to do respite or short term care.

From my understanding there will be a VERY real chance that we will have a child/children long term!

What normally happens if a child comes into care they are given first

2-3 day order

then if things are no better at home

2 week order

3 month order

if things are still not going well at home or Mum and Dad still need time to get the things done they need to do....

1 year order - 2 year order

And then that can go on from year to year but in some cases if it looks like the child will not go home or to other family members then they are placed on a permanent care order till they turn 18yrs old......

And as soon as we have our last interviews and get approved we will be on the ground running!

I am hoping that "maybe before the end of April"


Maggie said...

You can do it! I'm waiting with bated breath to see what happens.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

You will do great! I am excited for you and I can't wait!

Andrea said...

The answer is the same as it will be for the rest of your children. Love Them.
It would be a blessing to these children if they were in your care for a year or maybe two.

Your family will leave its mark on the blueprint of each "little one's"life. You will forvever be part of what makes them -"them".

What an honor!

You can do this.

My grandmother says that if you can handle 3- you can handle 10.

Looks to me like you've already got it covered.:)

Christine said...

Wow that is right around the corner. How exciting! Thanks for answering my questions.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I will have to come back and visit ya but wanted to quickly note... no, I didn't watch the launch... I wanted to go down the beach and watch it but since it went off at 2.28am and I had to work the next day... I did wake at 2am but couldn't drag myself out of bed... bummer... catch up later... take care

redmaryjanes said...

This is such a wonderful thing that you are doing. I admire foster parents to much. What a gift of love.
And Thank You Chelley for nominating me for a bloggers choice award. That is so great.
I don't think I have the right link though, it takes me to another blog. Do you still have the link?

Rebecca said...


I'm so excited for your family.