Sunday, April 06, 2008

HOME interivew tomorrow!

Cleaning sucks!

I mean really it does!! I have been getting into the big clean for our interview and while cleaning I am thinking how much should I CLEAN?

Well I have cleaned until my finger bled! Only because I cut it on a can!!

But I moved things to vacuum, sprayed and wiped anything that didn't move!

ducluttered almost every room!!

it really is sad the amount of rubbish I had!!!

My house looks



hey even the dog might get a bath!!

Then I think maybe I should really power scrub the bathroom... You know the hands and knees type clean that you may do once a year????

Gwad is this sounding like I am a slob!! I not REALLY! I am not!!

But do I need the loaf of bread cooking in the over to have that lovely hot bread smell?!?!?

And I know they are not coming to buy the house!!


MMrussianadoption said...

never hurts to put out tea and treats when they come. I am sure your house is plenty clean

Andrea said...

Girl, I did the same thing when ours came. I even cleaned out my closets. She NEVER even went close to the closets.
We just want to show these people that we are capable, but I wind up feeling like I have to look like SuperMom! Crazy isn't it?