Monday, April 21, 2008

officially official NOT YET!

I was hoping to be able to say that today we are "officially official" but it wont be today!

The last part of the paperwork is holding us up! (isn't it always paperwork!)

I kind of thought we might have had a call over the weekend or maybe it was because I was really hoping!?!?!

The kids are SO ready for "Foster" to come we have the room all ready! A single bed and a Cot!

So HAPPY about the Cot I FOUND it at a second hand furniture place for $10!! So I cleaned it, sanded it and put a new coat of paint on it!! And it looks brand new!

Ho hum... Maybe we will be officially official tomorrow!


Mob said...

This is so exciting. Looking forward to hearing all the news when "foster" comes! that is so cute of the kids.

Janine said...

Chelley, I'm a fellow foster carer in Melbourne (bit of a way away!) . Congrats on joining the 'profession'. It's always exciting awaiting that call, not knowing what little person is about to join the family. After 16 years fostering all my kids still at home get very enthused about new arrivals. Unfortunately, apart from the first time, it's usually fast on the heels of a precious little person leaving our family....that's where we're at the middle of a reunification of one year old Angel with his birth family. That's the heartbreaking part of fostering. Best of luck in the weeks ahead.

Andrea said...

Can't wait to meet"Foster".

Here's to being Unofficially Official!

Hoping this come together really soon for you. I know you are ready to give some kisses!


Jen said...

It will happen in a flash and your first "Foster" will be with you - you so deserve this Chel - but isn't the waiting hard! You've had enough...time for some action. Can't wait to hear that you're finally 'Official'!
love to you all
Jen + Eb

cheepette8 said...

Woohoo! I can't wait to hear all about "Foster". Hopefully you will be official soon.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Oh yes, it is always some silly paperwork junk. It stinks having to rely on others when you just want to have Foster home already! Hope you hear something soon.

MMrussianadoption said...

i cant wait for you to get that call either.

Pesach is the Hebrew way to say Passover.

Eos said...

How exciting...wishing you the very best. I wish I had been tinkering around w/ blogs my first time around (we are in the process to become foster parents but we have done it before) as the support is of incredible value.

Congrats on the cot too...I do the same thing (they do look like new once sanded and painted!LOL)

Christine said...

It will happen before you know it! Have a wonderful weekend.

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh how exciting! I remember how excited I was when we received the call telling us we were officially licensed (back on 11/8/07)! 20 days later we had a precious 3-week old baby in our home and we are still fostering her today.

Best of luck! I'll be back to check on your progress!