Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We were ROBBED

I took Arliah to toy library today I was gone from the house many 3 hours? When I got home I notice a few things that were out of place and then noticed that the back door had been broken.. I looked outside and out shed door was open and the side gate that we have locked was also open.. That feeling deep in my pit of my tummy knowing what had happened

we were robbed....

went back into the house and rang AL at work then the police who told me not to touch a thing... I got my father in law to come get Arliah and take her to their house and started to work out what was missing.

First I noticed that my new ipod that Al gave me for Christmas was missing then I looked for my old one which I had given to Al was also missing. About 8 rings are missing and a gold bangle. The kids school clothes that were in the dryer are gone along with some of my clothes! In the kicthen I noticed that there was food on the floor... They had been in the fridge and taken food and drink out of it!!! Who knows what else they put their fingers into! ( I really want to throw out everything that wasn't sealed in the fridge out)

Pretty much they have only taken things that they could fit in their pockets... But they also took our spare set of house keys!!! So we had to change all the locks on the doors today.... Just in case they were planing to come back for the bigger things!!

I feel so dirty.... They have been everywhere in the house! EVEN IN MY UNDERWEAR!!! I pretty upset and shaken!

and left all the back gates open! How my dog didnt run away I dont know?!?!?! Normaly he runs out the open door quicker than a blue ass fly!!!

The police took 6 hours before they could come and I could make a statement and they couldn't send anyone to take finger prints until tomorrow. They asked if we can make sure the kids don't touch anything until then!!

AND my poor ipod!! Awww I love my ipod!!!


Andrea said...

OH NO! Bless your heart! I AM SO SORRY! I feel like I am going to be sick! I am freaking about them stealing the house keys. That is crazy!
And if you feel like you need to throw away everything in the fridge. then you should do it. They just sound like they were taking what ever wasn't nailed down.
I'm sorry about your ipod.
I will pray for you and that they catch the people who did this.
Sending love from Way Down South!


Are You Serious! said...

Holy Cow! What a thing to come home too!

And seriously how are you supposed to keep kids from touching EVERYTHING! At least around here my kids are constantly into everything.

So is it time to get a rottweiler! Just kidding but oh my word I'm feel violated too!

I hope they find the people that did it. Good luck!

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Aww man Chelley, I am so sorry! I hope they find those _______ and lock them up!

My condolences on your iPod. I have had 2 stolen too. It sucks!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh... that would be the worst feelings... bunch of a^%*)$#s - this happen to my sister, stupid kids... they didn't take the money that was in a sock drawer (my brother-in-law learnt his lesson there)... they took their passports but they threw them to the side of the road later on (of course not knowing they could have gotten good cash for them) and proceeded to poo on the floor in their house... can you imagine... suffice to say the kids were caught... as for the iPod... oh that would send me over the top... I have ALL my fave, hard to get songs on there plus the audiobook of 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan' on there... hence why I copy everything... hope they get caught... take care

OziMum said...

That totally sucks. I was robbed when Mikayla & I lived on our own (she was only a baby). They did the same things. Although they wrote a msg in lipstick on my bedside table that they'd be back to (insert rude word starting with f) me. That was the worst bit. Scared the crap outta me. I didn't have any mens clothes in the house or anything, so they knew i lived alone with a baby. Thankfully, they didn't go into Mikaylas room at all. They also took my spare keys, so I had to get my locks changed. Not only do they invade your privacy, but it costs a fortune, replacing locks, food, clothes etc.

((hugs)) Thinking of you.

Mom of 5 said...

I feel so bad for you !

MMrussianadoption said...

I am so sorry for you. You must have been a wreck. I had my purse stolen from work once and I felt so violated. I cant even imagine someone in my home. I hope they catch them

Christine said...

I'm sorry Chelley. What a hardship and talk about frustrating. I can't believe the police expected the kids to touch nothing. How ridiculous.

I hope they catch them.

Lynn said...

I so sorry this happened. I sure hope the cops catch those idiots!