Friday, May 09, 2008

OK I need to vent!

I feel like someone is dangling a carrot in front of me and every time I think I can reach it someone pulls it a bit further away and says "Nehh NEhhh"

All week I have been waiting for a small piece of hope.. Its now Friday afternoon and there has been none..

I waited all morning missing the twins morning tea with mums for mothers day to wait and sign the foster care paper work! But it is not going to happen until Monday now.... But didnt find out until after I had missed the the kids school thing!

Waited for good news on our car that is playing up! Only to be left with only 2 options both costing $$$$$ and neither of them will fix the prob just (HOPEFULLY) give us an answer! But they cant tell us which of the two options will give us the answer! Then having to pay $$$$$ to get the prob fixed!

Waited on another call or letter or something on the other issues going on only to send in more paper work and still no word.... Which leaves me thinking that it isnt going to happen!

and last we still have no news on another item we are waiting on....

Oh I just need something to give me hope!

I am really sorry to be on such a downer! Allan says dont stress about things until we have something to stress about! But I cant just turn my mind off!

I need hugs! Hey even a understanding shuolder to cry on!


Mom of 5 said...

I am thinking about you !

Wendy said...

I hope something gives soon. I'm not very good at waiting either. I try to stay in the moment, but am truly impatient at heart ;^). I'll be thinking of you and hoping both things work out. In the meantime, have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

Andrea said...

I'm with you, sister. Everything will come at the right time.
It ALWAYS feels like I am the only one ready to do what needs to be done, everyone else is just waiting around. I'm all about closer. Checking things off the list. So I know what you are feeling.
Next week you will start all over,again with the stress. This weekend, do something fun with your family. Have a BAR-B, Bake a cake, let the kids do some scrapbooking with you- kid stuff turns out FUNNY, Have a party just because......
These are the last weekends that your family dynamic will be like this-after the new child,it changes. Do something to celebrate and enjoy where you are RIGHT now.
As stressful as it seems, It is a Good Place.


cheepette8 said...

Big, big hugs for you. I hope things work out soon.

Eos said...

Big hugs going your husband is the same way "don't stress until it's necessary or don't borrow trouble" but it takes me a lot longer (and more sugar or caffeine) to get to that zen-like zone!LOL Hang in there!