Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our 1st Foster!

Was going to happen this weekend! But in the end there was no call to say that "Foster" was coming!

It was only going to be a respite placement! (we need to do 2-3 respite placements first before they put us on the on-call list)

So while I am little down that we havent got a placement yet I know they will come!

It is very frustrating because I have been told by two case workers that there are some kids doubled up with other Foster parents!

And the empty bed and cot will wait a little longer! And for now I will spent this time will my 3 little monkeys!


Margaret Miracle said...

Thinking of you and hoping you get a placement soon!!!

OziMum said...

I got all excited when I saw the heading!!!

It'll come (soon, I reckon) - there are so many kiddies needing good homes (unfortunately).

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

All the fingers are crossed for you... hope you hear something soon... take care

MMrussianadoption said...

oh, what a tease. I hope you get a placement soon

cheepette8 said...

I hope you guys get a placement soon. What a bummer! I'm saying a prayer for you guys.

Overwhelmed! said...

Sorry the placement didn't happen as you had hoped. I pray you get a little one soon!

In our state, we had to complete 120 hours of foster-only before we could be eligible for foster-to-adopt placements. We were told we could get those 120 hours doing respite care or emergency receiving. We chose emergency receiving and that's how our first foster daughter came to us nearly 7 months ago. I guess we've surpassed our required 120 hours, eh? :)

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

What a bummer but it will happen! I know it will!