Thursday, May 15, 2008

Prayer updates!

Financially we are finding it a bit hard with the price of petrol and food going up and everything is going wrong to help us along with it.

The car has decided it needs a new transmission! So what are up for by the time its fitted is $3000!!

So that's where we have to spend the insurance cheque we got for our robbery.

Allan broke a tooth at work today so its probably another $80 at the dentist

So things surely cant much worse.

We are going to have to sell our second car to pay off the rest of the transmission!

I have to say thank you for the prayers and emails I got! And I really hope that you are not sick of me YET!!


Christine said...

Oh my. I am so sorry. I hope your husband's tooth feels better.

cheepette8 said...

Still saying prayers. I'm sorry about your transmission. That stinks! I hope Allan's tooth feels better.

OziMum said...

Argh. Petrol prices are atrocious!
What a bummer about the transmission. I hate it when stuff goes wrong with the car. You know it's also going to hurt the finances! AND Allan's tooth? Well that 3 things... that should be it for a while!

And congrats on your approval! Great news!!!