Monday, June 09, 2008

Blocked Ear!

For the last week I have had the WORST blocked right ear that I have EVER had in my life!

It all started last Monday when I woke up and my ear was so blocked that I couldn't really hear out of it! It almost felt like it wanted to explode! Also it was making me feel really off balance! So I tried some drops in it!

Then Tuesday it started to bleed so off to the hospital I went! Where after 4 hours of waiting! (It was too late to get in to my local doctor) I got in to see the doctor in ER who said I had an ear infection and a blocked ear full of wax (eeewwwwwww) He said to keep using the drops and come back in a few days!

By Thursday it was really feeling FULL BLOCKED and making me feel sick to my tummy! So I was able to see my local doctor who tried Syringing - removing wax from the ear canal by irrigation by pulling the external ear up and back, and aiming the nozzle of the syringe slightly upwards and backwards so that the water flows as a cascade along the roof of the canal. The irrigation solution flows out of the canal along its floor, taking wax and debris with it. The solution used to irrigate the ear canal is usually warm water but mine was cold and just made me feel like I was going to pass out and didn't get anything out! So my doctor sent me with more stuff to put in it and said to come back in a week!

Yesterday I was really ready to cry it was just so sore! It was like someone was sitting on my ear and I was getting waves of dizziness a lot! So back up to the hospital I went! I got to see the first doctor I saw from my first trip to the hospital! He said it was so blocked that the only way he was going to get anything out of there!

The wax is impacted against the ear drum and it was extremely painful and difficult to move. So the only way to remove the wax was with the aid of a binocular operating microscope and special instruments using a suction apparatus! Which was done and as soon as it was done it was like instantly pain gone! Oh and I could hear again!!!

So tonight is the first night in a week that I have felt like my self! And who knew I could write such a LONG post about ear wax!


MMrussianadoption said...

oh that sucks. glad you are better now

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I'm so glad it wasn't anything worse! It's crazy how something so small can hurt so bad!

Paula said...

Wow, what an awful thing to go through. It does sound painful. Thank God that they cleared your ear and your back to your usual self.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I am glad you are feeling better but I think only you could write a big post about a blocked ear... hehehe... take care

Wendy said...

That sounds awful. I'm glad that you got it resolved. My crazy dad always told me how he used to get such awful earwax that he couldn't hear in school. He always warned me to have the kids' ears checked. One day I got a letter in the mail from him and enclosed was the biggest hunk of earwax. Apparently he had just gone to the ear doctor and had it removed...and to convince me that my kids might have the same problem (or something..who knows) he sent it to me. It was the worst thing I ever received in the mail. Gross!!! So, did they give you your ear wax? If they didn, please don't send it to me ;^).