Saturday, June 14, 2008

Darts sending me gray!

Poor Arliah!!!!

I had just dropped the kids off at the inlaws house the other night before heading to work. The kids ran outside to play while I was having a chat to my mil and next thing I hear is that BLOOD curdling scream from Arliah!

I ran outside to find a DART stuck in her KNEE!!!


I ran over to her and yanked it right out and held the area tight! Scooped her up and took her inside to have a better look!

On closer inspection it had hit just below the knee cap and there was a small hole with some blood. It didn't seem to be bleeding too bad and looks like it hadn't done any major damage! Arliah was able to walk on it!

I needed to leave for work and was worried about my girl! She seemed ok and now had a band aid!

And the inlaws have NOW throw out all darts that were in the back shed!

Arliah is ok! Little sore but nothing a band aid couldn't fix!!

Made me feel ill! I just kept thinking of that moment when I pulled it out of her knee! Thanking god that it wasn't thrown anywhere else on her body... And the WHAT IF's swam around in my head!!!


living4him5 said...

Poor baby!!! I cringed when I read what was in her knee. Glad to know everything is A-OKAY!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Amy =)

MMrussianadoption said...

has she had a tetanus shot? I would have been freaking out too.

Andrea said...

WoW! Glad it wasn't bad! Poor Baby.


OziMum said...

eeewwww! Sounds gross! Poor A! Poor you!!!!