Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lil Miss Foster!

This is how the day played out! at 7ish this morning we got the call that we were getting a 3 yr old! Then about 2 hours later another call nope mistake it is a newborn! Then another call ops no not that young but was born in 2008!

When she got here I could see that she wasn't born this year more like last!

Lil Miss Foster is here No I haven't got a cute nickname for her yet!

She got here at 2pm with a bottle and a few nappies! Didn't want the transport worker to leave! But she did and we had some tears so me and Arliah played with her and she stoped!

I was waiting for her CWs to come as they were bring some gear and info etc! But they weren't here before I needed to get the kids from school so I ran around getting the car seat in the car etc! OMGoodness that was hard to get it all ready with Arliah asking a million questions and a bub I couldn't really put down!

Picked the kids up came back to the CW's on my door step!

GOT some info like she is going to be 1 at the end of this month....

Spent the afternoon trying to get things sorted but really didn't get much done got a half of dinner on the table then tears..... From Lil Miss and Arliah and Tiarna who were crying because lil miss was!!! Kagen looking at me with a look on his face I am going to start!!!

Very very quick BATHS for everyone!

and at 6pm Lil Miss was out for the count!! I am wondering when she might wake up! (hopefully not before 5am)

Gave the rest of the kids extra big hugs and kisses and let them know that thing will settle down!!! And let them know how much I LOVED them!

Lil Miss is so cute!!! And has the biggest BROWN eyes!! and the Hair hehe so long for her age!!!


Andrea said...

WOW! What a gift! I am so excited for you! You have worked hard for this, girl, Enjoy every minute.


Maggie said...

She's a real little one. Things will settle down. She just must be so terrified right now.

OziMum said...

YAY! It finally happened!!! She sounds adorable (except all that crying!! hehehe!) I have no doubt, Lil Miss is feeling all a bit insecure. But with lots of hugs and attention from you and the kids, I'm sure she'll settle in, in no time!
congratulations FOSTER Mummy!!! Hope she sleeps through!

So excited for you!

living4him5 said...

God bless you Chelley and your husband and entire clan for opening your home to one of God's "Lest of these"

You're all in inspiration!

Hugs and love,

MMrussianadoption said...

yay, so happy for ya. wish you were able to post pics. I bet she is a cutie pie

Rebecca said...

Chelley!!! SO EXCITING!!! If's happened, and I am so thrilled for you!!!! Congrats! Post pics when you can!!!


Janine said...

Wow...your first little fosterling! Isn't it an exciting time, and yet I know from our own experience that every one feels a bit on edge for the first few days. No-one is sure what might set the new little one off, how they like to eat, sleep, play...but then things settle down and everyone can relax and enjoy themselves. That's the good time - enjoy.

Wendy said...

Yeah! I'm glad that this has worked out and Lil Miss is now in your home. I hope she settles in well and soon feels secure. It must be tough for her to understand what is happening. In no time, your kiddos will have her giggling rather than her having them crying. Keep us posted.

Paula said...

Woweee, I'm so excited for you. She's Hannah's exact age. How fun. I bet your kids will love her so much once everything settles down.