Saturday, July 19, 2008

Slightly sleepy

Button is sleeping really well!! Still with 4 hour eye drops! ick!

She is going ok and has only asked for her Mum at nighttime just before falling asleep!

Button is calling me Aunty! But is a little lost on Arliahs and Tiarnas names mixing the girls up! Tiarna is about it but Arliah is not happy about been called Tiarna! Oh well!

Arliah was coughing most of the night which lead to her throwing up!!

Kagen the poor only boy!! hehe! has woken up with some sort of eye infection!

Lil Miss is super cliny today and wants to be held!! She is also pulling on her ears so I have got her and Kagen into the after hours doctors at 4pm today!

I rang the helpline (you have to inform the department) to advice them that I was taking Lil Boo to the doctor and the guy asked me how many kids I had! I told him and his reply was OH YOU HAVE A DAY CARE running there!!!!


Paula said...

Wow, 2 now. You ARE busy!!
That would be odd running into extended family members. Not sure how I would handle that one.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ How busy you must be!!!