Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some Wonderful pics of my bio kids


Maggie said...

Beautiful pics! My faves are the one of Kagen on the skateboard and the one of Tiarna and Arliah near the end (where Tiarna just has a soft smile on her face).


Gen said...


Thanks for sharing.

Wendy said...

Wow. The are all so gorgeous! I love the photos.

I'm so far behind reading your blog because my kids have been sickk and I cannot believe you now have Button, too. So many changes so fast. Sounds like it is all going well and you are keeping it all together and organized. Good for you! It must be so tiring and busy but it's such important work and must be very fulfilling, too.

Best wishes with all the new changes.


Andrea said...

Great pics. I am so bummed that you can't post pics of the other 2.

My fav. is the towel turbin.


Terri said...

The are SOOOO gorgeous!!! Blonde beauties!!!

Christine said...

Your children are precious.

Rebecca said...

Oh they are BEAUTIFUL!!

Hang in there, Mama of 5! It's a big jump from 3! :) Definitely don't attempt any grocery shopping just yet... wait until your hubby can go with you, or tag team with a friend!


redmaryjanes said...

Those are really great photos! You have GORGEOUS babes!

You are doing great as a foster mom. I love how you have to lay out all of the clothes the night before because you have so many children to care for.

Truly Blessed said...

Simply beautiful children (great photography, too!).

I'm glad you're doing well with the extra children, I'm sure it makes for complete exhaustion at the end of the day (and in the middle, too!).

living4him5 said...

gorgeous, gorgeous babies!!!

Thanks for sharing mama of 5!!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

And what gorgeous photos they are... I can see 'you' in alot of the pictures... take care