Saturday, August 16, 2008

hand-foot-and-mouth disease SUCKS!

NO fun in our house!!!

Lil Miss came down first and it was just hell for her and us!! No sleep VERY tried and cranky! High temps! I felt so bad for her! She was just plain miserable!!

Lil Miss ended up in hospital! I really felt like I had failed her! And then with in hours of Lil Miss going to hospital everyone ELSE came down sick!!!

We have been stuck at home sick and cranky since Monday!!

and because hand-foot-and-mouth disease is just so infectious we couldn't go anywhere!!!!

I really felt so bad and sick! And I know that this wasn't my fault but it didn't make me feel like CRAP!

The house has been cleaned from top to bottom to top again! The house smells like disinfectant! I have used up all my sick pay at work!


Stacey G. in New York said...

Hi guys, I really hope you are all feeling a little better. It must be horrible! Poor guys! Stay strong! Your new friends in NY..

P.S. I emailed you the password!

Love, Stacey G.

Torina said...

Sounds awful. I hope Lil Miss feels better soon!

Amy said...

Oh I am so sorry for you all, especially you! Hang in there!!

MMrussianadoption said...

we are finally through with it. now onto the final lysoling. i boiled and listerined toothbrushes between cleanings and now got a new one now that she is on the mend.

Wendy said...

We dealt with this, too, and it was nooooo fun! I'm sure everyone is better by now (I'm so behind on visiting my favorite blogs) but sorry you guys caught this awful bug, too.