Thursday, September 04, 2008

Oh please no!

Tiarna is home from school today throwing up!

I really hope this is a once off she ate something that didnt go down to well!!!

As we are JUST all on the mend and I dont think this house can take anymore!

I have put her on the lounge so NOBODY can touch her and I am going nuts with the disinfectant!!

Oh please let Tiarna feel better soon....

And please pray that nobody else gets this!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrea said...

I will pray my friend.
Give her some black tea. It will settle her stomach.

A soak in a some salts will help her sweat out the virus , if it is one.

Hope you stay well,


MMrussianadoption said...

oh poor baby. sorry to hear that

OziMum said...

Argh. Its so crap how these darned things just go round and round the household. Hope the disinfectant kills all the nasties!

Mikayla will be home tomorrow, I think. She's had a cold all week, but has a fever tonight, and said she thinks she's going to throw up too! Nice.

Rebecca said...

EW! Awful!!!

I know how that is... those awful bugs making rounds in the family.

I hope little Tiarna feels well soon!


cheepette8 said...

I hope she feels better and I'm saying many, many prayers that nobody else gets it. That stinks!

Jen said...

Oh Chel! you poor thing - hope things have settled down and you're finally all fit and well - won't that be a nice change for you!
Jen & Ebby

Truly Blessed said...

Yuck. No fun for Tiarna, no fun for Mum.

Poor baby. Hoping she feels better soon (and praying no one else gets the crud...

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Yuck yuck. I hope Tiarna is feeling better today and it didn't spread. Nothing worse than vomiting kids!

Christine said...

Ugh, yucky! No fun! Hope she gets well soon!

Stacey G. said...

Awwww Chelley we all hope she is feeling better! Send our love to her from New York... Come on stop by our site to say hi!