Saturday, September 20, 2008

Walking, Anxiety and a parrot

Life is getting better for us! Less sickness YAY!! We only have one ear infection and one chest infection woohoo! How sad am I to be excited about that!

Lil Miss is taking her FIRST really steps! It is so exciting to see this milestone! All of the kids esp Button have been so excited to see Lil Miss walking! She is also learning to give kiss's! Meal times are getting better with Lil Miss and we are even getting down the lumpy food!! Wooohooo!!!

Button is changing so much! You can see her feeling more comfortable and learning so much Good and the bad!! LOL! Button love to parrot pretty much everything Arliah says! So if Arliah asks a question I will answer it and then about 2 seconds after that Button will ask the SAME question so I will say what did I just tell Arliah and she will say "I don't know" so I repeat myself with the answer to the question! And then it can go on and on!!

Button has called my Aunty since the day she arrived but the last week or so she has tried calling me mum. But in a way that when she calls me it she makes sure that I have eye contact with her. Almost testing the waters to see if she can call me that? I don't know what to feel or say... I want her to feel comfortable in what she calls me but I don't want her to not forget or not take over her mum. I am trying to keep it at Aunty and keep it very light so not to upset her! HOW DO YOU explain to a 3 year old??????

Would you say that chewing the skin of the top of your fingers is a sign of Anxiety? This is what Button is doing when shes upset or worried it is the first thing she does when she gets like this... I have noticed it a lot more after access with family... Then it settles after a day or so...... Its to the point were her fingers are ALMOST ready to bleed!


Sassy said...

With Miss J (5) who didn't have anyone she called Mum I just wouldn't respond to her unless she called me by my name. That way when she wanted to experiment and test the waters she could but she knew if she needed something she had to use my name.

She also used to call herself by our surname which we allowed her to do but didn't encourage. It's a tough call though. And it's a complex situation for adults, let alone children.

living4him5 said...

Hi Chelley,

So glad to hear everyone is on the mend. We had the yucky stuff here too!!

I just love reading about Button, Lil Miss and the rest of the gang. You have such a way with words, it makes me feel like I'm sitting at your couch with a cup of coffee. =)

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

God bless,

Paula said...

That exciting about little miss walking and eating better. Yay!!
Yes, that does sound like a case of nerves for button. Poor little one.

Special K said...

Chewing certainly could be an anxiety thing. I've got some no-no's you can borrow to keep her hands out of her mouth - heehee.

Andrea said...

I love this post.
I can imagine what you must go throught when she tries to call you "mum".
Let her call you "other mother".
I have a friend who does this and it seems to work fine.
I helps the kids to understand what is going on a little better.
You are caring for her like a Mum, but you are not her Mum. She will get it.

I am proud of the way you are handling all of these children.
I hope everyone stays well. :)