Monday, October 20, 2008


Button has to go away to another state for a operation on Wednesday! She will be going away with a bio family member who I get to meet as I need to pick her up and take her and Button to the airport.

When I was first asked to pick her up I was first excited as I thought it would be a good thing to have a positive connection with her. But as the days of come closer I am getting a little worried!

What if it isn't a positive meeting? How uncomfortable will that be?

And do I just drop them off at the airport or do I walk in and wait for the plane to leave?

Should I take Lil Miss with me so she can spend a little while together!?!?

I have been told dont send anything I dont want back! But I have bought a few little things that I hope Buttons will like and hopefully keep her busy while she is in hospital. But then my next worry is could I be stepping on her toes by sending this stuff?

Am I over thinking this whole thing way to much?


Maggie said...

I'm assuming, since this bio-family member is approved to take Button to her operation, that there is no safety issue. If not, then I think it would be a really nice gesture to bring Lil Miss, too. I'm sure the family member would appreciate seeing her.

I think sending a few things for her to do in the hospital isn't stepping on anyone's toes. It just shows that you care about her.

Odds are, the meeting will be stiff and a bit uncomfortable, but not overly hostile or anything. Just be yourself and care for the girls as you normally would -- you don't want them to be uncomfortable by proxy. The only thing I wouldn't do is be possessive or clingy with the girls and, with three other kids in your family, I highly doubt you are ever like that.

redmaryjanes said...

Just follow your heart. You are the kindest person and their relative will be able to see that in you. I think it would be wonderful for you to send along some snacks and toys.

Andrea said...

You are not overstepping your boundries. You are the one caring for this child. You should want to make sure she gets on the plane.
If the chick starts to give you attitude...Tell her that she CAN get out and WALK to the airport. :)
That should take care of it.
I think that theh family members are probably more grateful to you than you will ever know.
If you think the little one will cry when her sister gets on the plane...leave her at home.
They are so young, its not like she is going to remember seeing anyone off at the airport, anyway.

Just my 2 cents..


OziMum said...

No I don't think you're over thinking it!!! I'm actually a bit confused as to why YOU have to pick her up?! I didn't think the bio family was sposed to know the foster family?! I reckon, I'd be getting some advice from your case worker. But hey! What do I know?!!