Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A change is as good as a Holiday?


Thanks SO much, Rebecca!

I really needed this pick me up!! HUGZ to Rebecca!!

This week has been terrible!

It has rolled down hill since Saturday... Took Kagen to podiatrist we were referred to because Kagen has been complaining of leg pain (which we thought was just growing pains)

Well they have found that

one leg is shorter than the other

his ankles turn different directions

his kneecap are not level

and his hips are out!

Kagen needs things to go in his shoes that will hopefully correct his ankles and will balance out the length difference

also he needs to be checked by a physio to see if we can help the back and hips which will correct his knees. If this doesn't work then we will have to be more invasive... Ugh..

So we walked out of there $400 less in our pocket and that isn't including the physio...

Then on Monday I got a call from the school principle that he had Kagens reading level
(to back up a bit here I asked Kagens teacher for it 5 weeks ago but she wouldn't give it to me so I went to the principle)

He told me they could not find one done by his teacher and that he had him tested for me.

The results were very upsetting. Kagen came out of his first year at school reading at level 13 they need to be reading at level 20 to go to 2nd grade!

Kagen was tested at level 7!

I am so steaming mad! How could this happen? How does a child go BACKWARDS? If I hadnt asked for is level (which I only did because I could see that Tiarnas reading was so much different to his)
I wouldn't have known????

Kagens mid year report had put him a little below of where he should be but the teacher did not seem concerned at all and she stated at that time that the WHOLE CLASS was behind?!!?!?

SO Al and I went and talked with the principle he seemed very upset and agreed that it wasn't good enough but then fluffed around that it is near the end of the school year (4 weeks left) and there really wasn't much HE could do??????? That maybe a tutor for the school holidays!!

At a cost to who?????

We didn't fail our son you did? Should you pay for this?

HE would not admit that the teacher was the reason! I told him that they REALLY need to test the whole class and I am sure that the results would all be pretty much the same!!!

I am giving the school a week to come up with some answers if I don't get any I am taking this higher!!!

I want answer I want help!!! I want KAGEN to be go in 2nd grade not this far behind!!



Terri said...

WOW! I love the new blog design!!!
Sorry about all your troubles this week! Things will get better!

Torina said...

Wow. And to so casually say that the whole class is behind. That is sad.

Love your new look.

OziMum said...

Love the new template!

Mikayla was in a Gr1/2 class for 2 years - she never improved from when she went into Gr1... I blame the teacher - wholly! I kept asking how she was doing, and for 2 years I got "fine". So maddening! Hope you get some satisfactory answer from the school.

OziMum said...

I forgot about the podiatrist! I hear ya, girlfriend!!! Todd went to the podatrist last week... ouch.

The innersole things are sposed to really help. Hopefully as he grows, it'll sort itself out.

Have you still got the fosters?!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

You go girl... tell that school what for...
Yep, I think it is the teacher... maybe that teacher should get a job in the zoo... well, maybe the animals would be more intelligent...
Sorry about not getting by sooner... busy at work but have thought of ya... take care

Anonymous said...

Chelley, that is terrible!!! I can't believe the decline! I wouldn't even wait to take it further, I would do it now!!! That's one of the biggest reasons we decided to homeschool. We are in a school district where things like that happen all the time and instead of taking care of it they either cover it up or look the other way and push the student through anyways. So sorry you are having to deal with all of this. As for the medical stuff, I'm glad you're on track to getting it taken care of. Sounds like things will be better in no time.

Love the new layout too by the way! Super cute!!!

MMrussianadoption said...

definitely love the new look of the blog. Do you have him read to you everyday? Kids his age should read to an adult 20 minutes every night. You will see some improvement over time doing this. You might want to get Hooked on Phonics to help him. Ask the teacher to send home short stories on his level and slightly above each week for him to practice on. As you see him master a level, ask for a higher one. there is no better teacher than you. Have your older daughter help him to read stories as well.

Stacey from NY said...

Hi Chelley! I was just reading about Kagen.. Dmitriy is the same way.. He doesn't like to read but everyday I enforce him to read at least 20 min a day.. I use positive reinforcement and let him read to me. He likes when I actually sit with him and listen and laugh.. I would def not wait.. Go further as far as his school while it is still early in the year. Love the new pictures... You need to take more pics of the kids.. They are gorgeous!

living4him5 said...

Oh no, I'll be praying for a resolution to this. Poor Kagan! Keep your chin up!!

Hugs and God bless,

redmaryjanes said...

I would be very upset too. That is definitely NOT acceptable and they need to come up with a plan to get him where he should be.

Andrea said...

Hey Sister!
I have a really good Program that I can ship you. It will help you catch him up and it won't cost you a single penny...except for when you ship it back.;)
Drop me an email with the addy( if you want) and I will go ahead and send it out.