Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tiarna last weekend was been so painful about eating!! And every meal was a struggle which all came to a head last Sunday night at dinner... Tiarna fessed up that she didn't want to eat because she was FAT!

I just about fell of my chair is no way does this child have even a ounce of FAT on her! If anything she is TOO skinny for my liking!

So we had a chat later that night and she was pretty upset over this... I explained to her that if you are fat, skinny, tall, short, long hair, no hair, black, pink or purple it didn't matter as long as you did the rights things and you were happy and healthy!

Tiarna seemed to understand....

until Monday at breakfast we were back at the no eating! So I pulled her aside and asked her where this was coming from? She told me that they were teasing her at school that she was fat... I once again told her wasn't..

As soon as I could after the the twins went to school I called and talked to the principle and told him about Tiarna... Then I also talked with Tiarnas teacher..

They are going to have a IN class chat and also get a dietitian to come and talk to the class and I think Tiarna but I am yet to conformation on the details.

I really want to talk to my doctor about this and see that I can do on the home front! Now please don't think that I am jumping in the deep end! But I REALLY want to get on top of this! I think that a 6 year old not wanting to eat is REALLY something to worry about!


OziMum said...

OMG!!! You are so right! Tiarna does NOT have even a PINCH of fat on her!!! Good grief!

Apparently some boys in Mikayla's class said she and another girl were fat - we went through a mild patch of it. Its just NOT ON - kids saying other kids are fat. I told Mikayla that her self worth must come from herself, and not from what others say. I asked what she thought of herself, she thought she was a little fat, but ok - healthy.

Good luck. I'd like to hear the outcome!

MMrussianadoption said...

I cant believe kids as young as six have to worry about this. Sad isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Chelley, that's awful!!! Sounds like you are doing everything right. I think you are spot on to be proactive and get on top of this now!!! It's so sad that kids can be so mean!

Jen said...

Oh Chel I'm so sorry you're having to go through this - it's one of my fears for Ebony - the world has become so image conscious. You're definitely NOT over reacting - you're being wise. I've got a little book called "The Elephant and the Rainbow' that talks about sorta not fitting in - you could adjust it to handling weight - the last page says 'she's learned it's not the way you look, but how you feel inside' and it's lovely. ISBN is 0-86461-127-7. Good luck my friend - I'll be praying for you!
Jen (and Ebony) xxx

redmaryjanes said...

It just makes me crazy how much pressure there is on girls and it just keeps getting younger and younger. Your little girl is just beautiful.

Stacey G. said...

That makes me so angry! She has not once bit of fat on her and even if she did kids could be so mean! Keep a eye on her that she eats!!! She is gorgeous!!

Christine said...

That's aweful. Been there. I know you'll set her straight. :)

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Seriously! That is disgusting! I am amazed at how mean kids can be, it is just awful. What a great response from your school and you are right to jump on this early.