Saturday, December 06, 2008

Do I sound like I am whining?

Sorry for the one line of blah! But it is so much how I feel! I have no get up and go! It has got up and went!

I feel like a walking zombie so much that I went to the doctors and asked him to check me over!

He ordered that many blood tests that when they took nine of those little bottle thingys!

My foster girls are starting transition from the 15th and it will go from the Monday to the Friday with the girls spending all day out and coming back here at night. I think it is going to be a very stressful week!

This is the silly season and with all the kids needing to be at something or somewhere almost every other night it really isn't giving me time to try and get on top of things.....

The house is really behind housework wise I wish a little fairy could come and do a major clean for me!

I have family arriving for Christmas right in the middle of transition week to add to the drama! Work is SUPER busy and really wish I didn't have to go there!!

I think I could just find a nice little spot and curl up and go to sleep for a week.....

I need to find the Christmas spirit and get my act into gear!
I promise this will be last depressing post for a while I am will find my mojo soon!

a more detailed post about my foster girls is on my Foster Blog (private)


Terri said...

I'm so sorry your feeling down! Go out shopping and treat yourself to a pedicure!

Stacey G. said...

Chelley, Oh we all feel like that sometimes, more often then not! You have alot of stress and if you try and take one step at a time you will get throught it. I know the transition is gonna be hard without a doubt. Do you think its best for the girls to go or stay. I know you will miss them.. You have to email me with the private blog passwords..
Stay well hun,,

OziMum said...

I bet work is flat-chat!!!

Hope you find your get up and go!!!

Margaret Miracle said...


I think that it takes very special people to foster. Just because this may be the logical placement for the girls, it does not mean that your heart understands. You are in my thoughts and prayers this week. I hope the transition goes well for you all!

MMrussianadoption said...

with all you have on your plate, you are allowed to whine

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Oh sweetie!!!!

I said a prayer for you just now... I hope things calm down and that your heart finds some peace in the midst of all this craziness!!!!


Love you!

Kim said...

Oh Chelley, I hope you can find the Christmas spirit too but if you can't, it is perfectly understandable. I hope you are feeling better soon!


PS - NINE thingys of blood, I would have passed out!

Kim said...

I can't find your email to respond to your comment -

We put 0-18 months which is why the wait is going to be longggggggggggg.

Janine said...

Hi Chelley, thought I'd let you know I'm alive and well. Sorry I've not posted or commented a while - life just got very busy and chaotic for a while. Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Kids leaving is never easy, even if you're ok with where they're going. Angel is halfway through his reunification plan, and will return to Grandma's care the end of January, after 17 months living with us. I'll be a mess for a while, but it's good he's going back to family. Will try to get back to my blog soon, meanwhile, keep your chin up, and enjoy Christmas with your kids.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Whine away...

Sorry it has been a while between visits... stuff is busy here... if I don't drop in before Christmas... have a good one... take care