Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Well I have talked to just about everybody I can think of! I have appointments set up with his regular teacher (who is back today after been away for 2 weeks) I am also awaiting approval for Kagen to see the school counselor she has rang me and I have given her a brief outline of what is happening.

I will let you know how the meetings go! They have talked about doing an I.Q test, hearing test and a sight test. If anyone has any info on what they may be looking for could you shoot me a note!

People have questioned if all this has anything to do with foster care. I don't think so but I am aware of how foster care will effect my kids. It is something I have always said from the start that my family will always come first!

Kagen had a great weekend! Not that he spent much of it at home! We are working on little things with him! The first thing is! We are buying him a pet RAT! We hope to know when it is getting here next week! YES I know what your first thoughts are EEEEEEWWWW but in researching the how to's and care of a rat. I am now thinking they are pretty cute!

You may ask why? Well I am hoping that it will give Kagen something to bond to that is only HIS. Another outlet! I hope that it will help with his self esteem! We pet sat a dog a few weeks back and this little dog and Kagen were like Peas and Carrots! Also he seemed brighter while this dog was here! I know it isn't the answer to all of the worries but it is a little something to start! I also know if it doesn't work out that I will be the one looking after the RAT!!! Um-mm oh well!!! Another baby!!! heheheh!


Margaret M said...

Hope the meetings go well! I think the rat sounds awesome. I hope you all enjoy the new family member!

Yondalla said...

I wonder about Brian, about the anxiety has had had to deal with and I wonder too how much was foster care.

I really believe that he has benefited far more than he has suffered though.

Janine said...

Hey Chelley, I've had no computer the last couple of months and have felt very disconnected from all my blogger friends. I'm glad to be back in the loop and spending hours catching up. Just wanted to say hi, and how impressed I am with you starting uni studies - all the best with it. I sympathise with your problems with Kagen refusing to go to school. Seth began his long history of not liking school at the same age, and still, at twelve, doesn't want to be there, but that is probably related to his learning difficulties as a result of FASD. Learning is very difficult for him and not rewarding or fun. I'd say look at getting assessments done to see if Kagen has any specific learning disorders (as well as the ones you're having done for hearing, sight and IQ) so you can try to work out why he doesn't want to be at school. And the pet rat is a great idea - Seth has two and loves them (they do like to have company- one can be very lonely - two girls are best) and gets them out of their cage most nights so they can run around all over him and around his bed. They are great pets and easy to care for. All the best - hope to catch everyone up by posting on my blog tomorrow.

Kim said...

Hoping everything goes well with the meetings. I will be thinking of you! This school business is a PITA!

OziMum said...

My sister in law - mother to 4 four boys, read the book "Raising Boys". She said it was excellent (I'm still yet to read it!) Apparently their testosterone peaks at 7... that's why so many 7 year old boys have issues. Harry has given us a run for our money this year... I'm blaming testosterone!!!