Sunday, April 26, 2009

New job, Birthday, University, Brooks and Duun

Allan applied for a job last April! In July he got a call for an interview! Totally got excited! Then didnt hear a thing not a yes or a no! In November we heard from some of the contacts on Allan's CV that they had been contacted! Ahh news he was still in the running!

December, January, February, March roll by still nothing!

Then last week Allan got the CALL! he had the job!!! Wohoooo!!!

It is less hours than he is doing now! But more money!!! And it is a government job so it will a very safe MOVE in these hard times!

University I got my major essay back it is 50% of this whole unit I am doing this term! I PASSED!!!!! YAY me!!! I was so very stressed! Thank you Andrea! (who proof read it for me)

On Saturday we leave (without kids) to go to Melbourne so we can go to the Brooks & Dunn concert!!! Drive to Mildura (3 hours) Fly to Melbourne (1 hour 20 mins) WOW!
The kids are staying with the in laws!

And this past Thursday it was my birthday! I turned 32! Arliah told me that I am now old! Heheheh!!


Terri said...

Great news all around!!!! Congratulations to all!!!

Happy Birthday Chelley!!!

Andrea said...

What a beautiful pic. you do not look a DAY over 25!
I KNEW that you were going to pass that essay!
It was GREAT!
Don't you feel ready for anything,now?
I am so proud of you..Smooth sailing from here on out.


Christine said...

That is a great picture of you! Happy Birthday!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Happy Birthday to you... hope it was good... to turn 32... nice... you are a pup...
That is great that hubs got the job and as for Brooks and Dunn... well, I will let you have that one to yourself :)
Take care and have fun...

MMrussianadoption said...

i just love your hair like that. happy birhtday and congrats on the job

living4him5 said...

Happy belated birthday by friend!! Congratulations to Allan on the new job!!

Wow, exciting news going on around you!!

Enjoy and God bless,

Janine said...

Well, congrats to you on all three counts - and enjoy that weekend in Melbourne. I'm also into the city on Saturday to see a play but it's less than an hour's drive for me!( I live in one of Melbourne's outer bushy suburbs)

OziMum said...

Hey girlfriend!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! LOOOOVE your new do - makes you look so YOUNG!!! 32?!! What a spring chicken you are!!!

CONGRATS AL! What a bonus, less hours, more money... only in the Govt, right?!!!

CONGRATS CHELLEY on your genius!

Jen said...

Hey congratulations to Alan! 1 year on...but it happened. How typical of the Government :)
Hey - tell darling Arliah that if you're now old .... what does that make me????????? ..... 50 next year!

Jen and Ebony xxx

Kim said...

What a great, uplifting post! Yeah for the government job and the weekend without kids! Happy 32!

Margaret M said...

That is a wonderful picture. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! You look fabulous and since I am 10 years older than you, you are definitely still YOUNG, WAY YOUNG! Enjoy the concert!