Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ch CH ch CH changes!

I am going to pack a lot into this post! Because well a lot happened in the last few days!!

If you remember I had thought about changing the kids school!

Well its done! They start this Tuesday!

But I will back up a little!

I mentioned that in last weeks counseling session Kagen had named the bully's! Well I took the information to the school and did not get the answer I was hoping to hear! But hoped that they would at the least do what they said! THEY didn't!
Monday Kagen got hurt in front of the teacher!

The teacher told Kagen that he knows what this "CHILD" is like and well put up with it! HMMMMMMMMM NO NOT the answer I was hoping for here!

So back to the school talk to them again! Still fed the same life of BULL!

I also decided to ask for Kagen to be retested for his reading level as its been 6 months! I was sadden to find out that he has not moved up one level since the start of the school year! Again I question as to why nothing has been offered to help him?
Their answer "he is not at a bad enough level to require and extra help! If you want to get him a tutor"

Well I am so sorry but that was the straw to brake the dam!

I was on the phone calling other school that have been given a good report by others... I leave a msg with one! (who doesn't call back!)

The other school I call and talk to the principle who tells me all about his school! All about the anti bullying policy they have! How they help kids if they are struggling at ANY level! (almost sounds too good to be true)

I arrange for a meeting so that Allan and I can talk some more at the school! Again everything sounds really good!

We (Allan, me and the new principle) decide that if Kagens counselor thinks it a good idea then we will move the kids to the "new" school!

I talk to Kagens councilor and explain whats happening asking her what were her thoughts on moving Kagan to a new school! She said DO IT!!! Don't think twice about it! It will be the best thing you can do! And even offered to tell Kagen in session so she can help with any worries he has from it!

So from there it was rush like mad time to get everything set in place to transfer the kids to the new school!

On top of all that I had my last day at BIG W! And the next day I started my new job!!

I really hope that the kids go well at the NEW school!!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

There is a change in the wind and I am thinking it is a good one...

Anonymous said...

When we had problems with our daughter's old school (very similar to yours actually), we nervously switched to a new school. Best thing we ever did. I hope your switch turns out well!

Jen said...

I am SO, SO happy for you. What a great move. I pray the children all settle well and that Kagan's experience in the new school is even better than you had hoped. Oh what a year for you. Here's to a new job and a new school!
love ya
Jen xx

Terri said...

Cant wait to hear about the school and your job!!!!

Margaret M said...

Change can be oh so good!!! Hope things go well at the new school and with your new job!