Tuesday, August 11, 2009

venting.. Feeling like a YO YO

As you know I started my new job 3 months ago and its been up and down to say the least!

Don't get me wrong I wanted this job!

Just wasn't mentally ready for the learning curve of changing to whole new profession!

In this job until all police checks came back I worked in what is called buddy shifts getting to experience different areas! At one point I had a massive panic attack and was ready to throw it all in!

But I stuck it out knowing that YES change is a BIG part of life!

3 day before going on my solo shifts I was rung and told that I would go from working with the Adults to working with the kids (I had not DONE ANY shadow shifts with them)

SO went from feeling almost comfortable going alone to OMGooodness back at the start again!!!!

But again I got though it and I AM REALLY REALLY enjoying working with the kids!! I look forward to GOING to work!

Until the other day when the boss turned around and said I only there for another month then I will be back working with the adults!

TO SAY I was bummed would be a HUGE UNDERSTATMENT! I really love working where I am now! And I REALLY do not want to keep going back and forth.. I feel like I am starting again now!I also feel that I am gaining the trust of the kids!!! These kids dont like change.

SO I asked my boss if I can have a chat with her soon to work out what could be done... I also told Al what I was doing and how I was feeling...
He got upset and pretty much shot me down in flames for everything wanting to bring this up!

SO here are my questions....

1 only been in the job such a small amount of time what rights do I have?

2 can I ask to be left where I am? (even if I ask for drop in hours to fit in take on the callin hours when someone gets sick)

3 What do I say to Al??
I want to tell him he is been unfair! I have surported him in his 3 job changes!?!?

I need someone somewhere to ask these questions.......


Tiruba said...

Talk to your boss, no doubt! If you are passionate about something, he will most likely appreciate that. While he may not be able to meet your wishes, at least he will know them which will make you feel better. Better yet, hopefully he will keep you with the kids!

Scrappy Bug said...

Def. talk to your boss. I'd be expressing the view, that they don't cope well with change, and how much you're enjoying working wiht them?

As for Al... he wouldn't ever get mad would he?!!! He's so placid?!!! Talk with you boss... maybe you won't need to have a discussion with AL!!!