Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flowers Heart!

We are back from Adelaide!

Flower had a busy day starting at 8:30am ending at around 2pm

lots of tests but she did so well I think I worried over like a mother hen! Had a little giggle when I was told that she looked just like me!

The end result was that her heart will heal its self! YAY!!!!

The not so great news is that her eyes are delayed and will need to be checked again early next year! Hoping that she will be able to catch up before her next appointment!

A little about me!! I tell you I was so worried about going on the plane by myself and had really had myself all in knots by the time I got on the plane! The plane was only a tiny one 33 seater plane! The last 10 mins of the ride were the worst as the plane was up and down and sideways!! I am not a show ride fan!! Knowing that I had to turn around and do that flight again in less that 24 hours I wasn't feeling very calm coming home....

But when I arrived home and stepped off the plane I thought to myself I DID I really did it! I felt on such a HIGH!! Now I am not in any rush to jump on to many more planes but I do know that if I have to do it!




Stefanie said...

Yay!! Good for you, Chelley :)
And what wonderful news about Flower's heart!!

Terri said...

What great news about Flower!
What a scary plane ride! Sideways!?!? I am glad that your faced your fears of flying and now you can travel the world!!! =)

Margaret M said...

Yes, You CAN!

So happy about Flowers heart!!!