Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shouldnt I be happy?????

Its my twins 8th birthday today and I am feeling old..... Well OLDER and the next few weeks are coming with a lot of change..

My Arliah will start BIG school next week leaving me home with Flower! BUT the week after next her court orders will come though.. (it mostly like will be restoration to bios within 6 months IF not sooner!) Or could be home to bios in a week!

I am feeling very lonely, sad, lost, wanting something more... I about 3 seconds away from bursting into tears..

Then I think what on earth is WRONG with me! No one is sick! We haven't been though anything major like the earthquakes in Hatti!

I should just shake my self out of this feeling of sorry for my self...


cloudmaster said...

Thats ok. We all get into a funk like that once in a while. The best thing to do is just take a minute, sit back, and count your blessings. From reading your blog for a while, you have quite a few.

Jen said...

Ah Chel, I can so relate. There are times when age and reality seem to jump out you and other times when I simply don't care. Just go with the flow my friend. I'm finding it super duper hard at the moment as I approach the big 50 (in a matter of weeks) and I just don't feel like I match that age, yet my body is telling me the truth! I agree with cloudmaster - at times like this we need to count our blessings. You are a blessing to so many