Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May is almost over? Wow How did that happen?

It has been crazy busy here!

Study study study work work work and 4 kids oi oi oi oi! Really I feel like some days I am just chasing my tail!

I went to Sydney for a workshop for my study! Left home at 3am Friday got on the bus from hell, 30 drunk smelly UNI students who just wanted to chat and fart and get me intoxicated by the fumes they were letting off! Arriving in Sydney at almost 10pm Friday night! Met by Amber who looked out for me! Spent two full days in workshops and was tested AND PASSED! Out to dinner the Saturday night with new old friends! And back in the train home at 6am Monday and getting home at 8pm Monday night to my kids who missed me like CRAZY~

Flower is still here and still going to access 3 times a week for 3 hours at a time. We are waiting on word to see what will be the next step up or down from here but I have gone into more of that on my foster blog..

Oh and I got a tattoo! They were having a fundraiser here and the tattoo artist wanted to tattoo 65 roses for cystic fibrosis day! So I rang and joined in! All the money is going to a GREAT GREAT cause and after reading the following blogs for a while now I thought WHY NOT!


Terri said...

Long time no posting!!! Sounds like your a busy bee!
Glad to hear about little Flower and love the tatoo!
Very cool!

Margaret M said...

So good to hear from you. I feel as if I am bobbing on the surface and trying to come up for air. You are my 'sister of the heart' from down under and kindred spirit! Love the rose!

Christine said...

Wow--- you are a brave woman. It looks liek it was painful-- arm or leg-- I can't quite tell. Good to hear you passed!

living4him5 said...

Love your tat!!!


Ps...I check in with you on facebook so much, I forget to check your blog!!