Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So if you can bare to hear any more read on!

After going back and forth on if I would send Flower with her Bubba I decided that its in Flowers best interest to have it with her! Its hers she loves Bubba.

SO today I sent it along only to get a msg from CW that while dropping off Flower to access the bparents said that the bubba IS NOT WELCOME AT their house AT ALL... That Flower DOES not sleep with Bubba at their house. And that Bubba was broken when we sent it.


Well that makes me want to blow my top you know the STEAM coming out of my ears type blow!

Why you ask? Well bios have photos on their facebook page of Flower ASLEEP hugging Bubba ? They are lying that she doesnt sleep with her! This Bubba isnt there for them its there for Flower and her comfort!?!?!!?!??!! W t ???????????????? How very selfish of these people and how sad for Flower

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