Monday, August 28, 2006

Home from Adel

Wow what a trip

Wednesday - we left for Adel 6am Wed morning and got there around 12ish caught the bus upto Elizabeth and caught up with Raeleen and kids.... Then went and picked up the car now with lovely POD on the roof! Kagen thought it was a boat and got pretty upset that this pod thing was on the roff so after explaing to him that it just gave us more room to put things in he seemed ok with that!!

We made our way to Kates and it was so nice to catch up with her! was totaly realxed!!!

Thursday - we decided to go to IKEA!! and the airport! The new adel airport was great and the kids had a ball looking at all the planes! We then made our way over to the IKEA store that is totaly amazing! we ate lunch there! Then took the kids down to the playcenter and logged them in there!
Then we went looking! WOOW WOW WOWOW so many great ideas for things in that store I could go nutzo!!!!

Friday - Appointment day! We made our way on the Obarn in to the city! That was pretty cool and the kids got a kick out of it! We walked up to the Doc's office and were 30 mins early! When we got there there wre 2 little girls that was in the middle of there skin tests and made the kids a little uneasy! After waiting for 1 hour and 45 mins we got in! YAY!!!!!! Kate came with us and when we got in to the doc's room she made a rather loud comment about needing a shot of coffee!
We talked with the Doc then the skin tests started! Tiarna first! Which was pretty hard and she was SO brave! out of all the tests she got the least amount! Then Kagen had his turn poor little guy begging askinf fro us to take him out of there asking not to be touched!!! after A LOT LOT Of pleding we got his 16 tests done!!!! Then last but not least was Arliah who after seen the twins go though it all was not at all willing to get hers done!!!

The twins tests both came out positive again.... And Arliah had a mild reaction so we are to treat her as positive but with out an epi pen.......

Saturday - We met up with dad Lisette John and Dilis for brunch! and then we started out trip home and arrived home 5pm..........

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