Monday, September 04, 2006

Baby Expo Done!! YAY

Well after what seems like years of planing ok well since Feb 2006 we had our Child and Baby expo on saturday!!! I was there not long after 7am gettign things ready! On our way with the new BBQ (that Al had in the ute) He went around the conner and off went the BBQ flat on the road upside down!!! I was horrorfied AL was pi$$ed off... We got the BBQ back on the ute and drove even slower to Toy Library..... When we got there we tested the BBQ to make sure it still worked!! YAY!! it did!!

I went totaly better than i and expected and we made a profit of $890 which I am really pleased about! There were a lot of great comments about the day and we have been asked to do it again next year!!!

Tiarna did really well in the fashion show and I was so so cute to see her prance around and after she asked if she could buy the dress that she wore! Went up to the shop with her $1.55!! Gotto love her for trying!!

After the Expo we had a Baby Shower for Tee! and I made another nappy cake...

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