Friday, March 23, 2007

Express checkout!

Well I didnt think they would take it so literally.....

While I was working today I was working the express lane 3 items or less (I work at Big W is the Australian version of Walmart)

And an elderly man hobbles up to buy a few things and starts talking...

As always I chat a little he then springs into the fact that he has a sore back... I say "I am sorry to hear that"

he then says "yeah I got a blow job today!"

me STUNNED just trys to finsh his sale as FAST as I can

he cont to say "I am 83 years old and I didnt think I could get it"

while handing his change and shopping bag to I say "Have a nice day...."

as he hobbles away and hops into his elerictic buggy my mind fills of al sorts of thoughts

Don't ya just love customer service!!!!!


Lee-Anne said...

tell me he wasn't referring to, what you think he was referring to?!!!! Hopefully the air conditioner man, fixed his air conditioner or something!!! Maybe he had his hair blow dried?!!!

Chelley said...

oh I only wish that was what he was talking about!!!!

yuck yuck yuck!!!

Ahauna said...

LOL, sounds like he was either going senile or very proud of himself and hell bent on telling the world!