Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What Do you drive?

1, Ford Falcon (wagon)

2, Hyundai Sonata

3, Daewoo Nubira (wagon)

4,Ford Falcon (wagon) another one

5, Kia Carnival

6, Ford Falcon (wagon) YES! Another one

7, Ford Territory (big mistake our hands where deeper than out pockets owned it for 35 days! Oh we learn some things the hard way)

8, Ford Falcon SEDAN hehehe no wagon this time!

9, Mitsubishi Magna (what we are driving now)

We just brought our Magna this well and it got me thinking...... Man when I added up how many cars we have had since we got married!

WE have a Serious prob!!! No more cars till we run this to the ground!!!!

So I ask you What do you drive?!?! And how many have you had?

Oh and to add Al has had 5 more cars before me!!!!


Maggie said...

I've had a lot of cars, too. I drove one to 100,000+ miles and I'll never do it again. The repairs stress me out! Now I lease and get new vehicle every 3 years. It's not smart financially, but I love it anyway!

p.s. When I go to your home page the posting area is kind of stretched out. Is that on purpose or do you need me to check your code for you?

tracy said...

My DH was crazy insane with trading and swapping for awhile...way to many to count. Now he has a company truck and I have my Yukon, we've steadied ourselves out since being married for 13 years, but it took awhile and we learned plenty the hard way to!

Lee-Anne said...

I think every family, buys a car they can't afford at some stage!!! I had a laugh about the Territory - my friends did EXACTLY the same thing... with a TERRITORY!!!

MMrussianadoption said...

get the Honda Pilot. It drives like a car and has 3 rows of seating. When the third row is down you have plenty of space to put stuff. I love it. i have had it since 2003. 4 people in my family have it and all of them love it.