Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A family named De Lorenzo has been in Kaz for some time now trying to bring their son home. After several lost referrals, including spending a complete bonding period with one only to have the birthmom show back up, they were finally granted an adoption of a little boy. It's a very long, heartwrenching story.

Her blog is private and is therefore not accessible to everyone. However, tomorrow morning a court will decide whether Stephen will be their forever child or whether he will be granted back to his 19 year old pregnant, unwed, unemployed, homeless birthmother. Their adoption was granted on March 19. Three hours before she was to bring him home with her on the 15th and final day of their waiting period, the birthmom shows up contesting the adoption. It has gone to a higher court and tomorrow (Kaz time) they will know the outcome.

Please go here to light a virtual candle for Dawn and Joe:

It is Monday afternoon here in Kazakhstan and court will be tomorrow at 10:30 am. I am asking that you please take a minute to light a virtual candle and say a prayer for us by clicking on this link



Anonymous said...

I followed their story until it went private, and am on pins and needles to know what happened. How did court go?

tracy said...

What a heartwrenching story. I lit a virtual candle and hope that you keep us up to date. I don't know this blog or follow it, but they are in my thoughts and prayers.