Thursday, April 19, 2007

update on Dawn and Joe

This is taken in part from Dawns blog...

Court Postponed to THURSDAY the 19th...
Okay, seriously today was truly like an episode of the twilight zone. We arrived at court around 9:45 am. We all sat around chatting for a while and saw Inna’s POA arrive around 10:15 am. I think it was about 11:30 am when this man (if you can call him that!) comes and sits next to me and passes me a note! Okay…it is in Russian obviously so I give it to Almagul and she and Axana and Sveta are reading it and saying things to each other and I am getting aggravated because I want to know what he said. Then Almagul explained to me that he said perhaps I should adopt Inna (five-six months pregnant and all) and that she can work for us as our maid!!! I was like WHAT?!? Is this guy out of his mind!!! Almagul and Axana were going back and forth with this little man and telling him that he is crazy. I wanted to know “Well, what is your interest in this Mr. POA?” All he said was that he is an acquaintance. Yeah, right! I told him that I am highly suspect of a man his age being acquainted with a nineteen year old orphan. response
Then some guy sitting in front of us probably got sick of listening to all of this and said “Save it for the courtroom – you can fight it out in there.” I dragged Almagul outside to explain to me all that he was saying because by now I am really worked up, ready to choke him and feeling pretty annoyed that they are not translating what this guy is saying word-for-word. She just told me he is crazy and thinks I should adopt her and take her to the US to be our maid and maybe she will meet an American man who can take care of her!

Finally, we get called into court. Great! Here we go…they ask us who is present and everyone says there name and position. Then they get to Mr. POA and the BIG question was asked to him: “Where is Inna – who is so interested in this case?” the judge questions with sarcasm. Are you ready for this??? Mr. POA states that he thinks that I paid to have Inna arrested or her leg broken – or maybe I had her killed!!! Okay, now I am really pissed off! God, if I had that kind of money and power I would have had HIM killed NOT her!

Can you believe this? Then the judges have to ask if there are any objections to them or anyone else in the courtroom. Once again, Mr. POA says he objects to everyone and everything because he thinks that the judges have been paid off since he wanted court on the 24th and they moved it up a week for me. Almagul explained that my visa expires on the 19th. They ask me what I think of his objection to the judges and the date. I tell them I think it is crazy and that I object to it being postponed. I explain about my visa and state that postponing the hearing is only hurting the baby.

Then they tell us to step out while they decide what to do. Ten minutes later we are called back in and they say they are going to proceed with the hearing first thing in Thursday morning. They tell Mr. POA to find his missing girl dead or alive and bring her to court Thursday or else they are going to decide the case without her.

So please pray, hope, wish, or cross you fingers that court on Thursday will bring them there son......

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