Monday, July 30, 2007

Al's new job

After working for Big W for 20 years, Allan has decided that it is time for a change. He has been applying for other jobs but got a job at Betta Electrical

It will be a little less money, but 2 hours less A DAY! AND only have to work 1 in 3 Saturday mornings!!! We wont know what to do with him! Al at home while its still day light!?!?! No getting up and driving him to work at 7am!

I wish Al the best I know that he is worried that he is making the right move. I know that he will do well! He always does! He could sell ice to the Eskimos!

1 comment:

OziMum said...

Congratulations Al!!! you'll romp it in!!!

I think I bought a heater from Betta Electrical once!!! What sort of deal can you do me on a hair straightener?!!