Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kagen's night in I.C.U

Kagen spent the night in I.C.U after he had an accident at school! While at school he tried to jump over the lunch chairs to catch a football and missed the chair and went head first in to the concrete.... His forehead was this first to hit the ground.
The size of the bump on his head was so big!! I took him up to the hospital because when I picked him up from school he was VERY sleeply and confused. When I parked in the hospital car park he asked me where he was becasue he couldnt see. I was really starting to feel sick that something was really wrong.

When we went in they took us straight through and I layed him down on the bed. The nurse started taking the obs on him but Kagen went out cold we could not wake him!

My heart was racing as we tried again to wake Kagen up. The nurse yelled for the doctor and he came rushing in then the doctor called more people in to the little room we were in. They all tried to wake him. The doctor opened Kagens eyes and Kagens eyes were rolled in the back of his head. The nurse looked at me and told me to get Allan here fast.

I jumped on the phone and told Allan to get here A.S.A.P and I am thinking to my self what the hell is happening!

After another 10mins Kagen started to respond. But not fully awake. They decided to send him straight off for a CT scan.

The results took ages to come back! All the while I could hear the doctors talking, I was really thinking the worst. After what seemed like forever the doctor told us that the CT scan was all clear but they couldnt under stand what he was still very drowzy.

The desion was made that Kagen would stay in the night and that they would put him in to I.C.U to keep a close eye on him.

kagen was pretty much out of it till around 11pm that night. (it happened at 2pm)

Kagen is feeling much better now but its been a rough few days! And I have to say that its a fast way to grow some gray hairs!!!


MMrussianadoption said...

Holy Shit Chelley, you just got me tearing. I hope he will be ok. Keep us posted.

Maggie said...

Oh my goodness. Thank god he's OK. How frightened you must have been!

OziMum said...

Oh no! That is absolutely terrible. Far out! Your heart must have been in your throat! Mine was... and I was just reading!!!

So glad Kagen is better. Poor thing!

-Jamie said...

Hi! Fun to have you comment on my blog! I read this post and it is exactly what I fear! That dreaded phone call from the school! With Jordyn starting Kindergarten in a couple weeks....its on my mind more!!! Glad things are okay!