Monday, October 01, 2007

Hoping that I am not getting a head of myself!

Foster Care

Still no word on how our paperwork is going... I have to say I am a little disappointed as I thought I would have heard something by now..
I am going to give in and call this week..

While talking to a mother at school she asked me about why I changed my car. So I told her that we had just applied to be foster parents! Guess what she is one!! Wow small world! So it was great to be able to talk to her and ask some questions on how things run here! She also introduced me to a caseworker who was attending a school concert at school. The Caseworker doesn't handle new foster parents but said that if I haven't heard anything soon to call and ask for her and she will chase things up!!

I have started to get things ready in the house with rearranging the house! I have ordered Kagen a bunk bed so we can put his single bed in to the spare room! Kagen is pretty excited about getting bunks!!
We have be slowly telling the kids on our plans and so far so good! I have also done a HUGE toy clean up which took me the better part of the day to sort though! But everyone has THEIR own toys and toys they share so hopefully that will help with each kid having their own things plus things they know they need to share with others.

I have also started sorting clothes out to size order and boy girl. That way we will have some clothes to start us off if we get a placement that comes with NOTHING (I have heard that happens a lot) I have a ton of girls clothes from size 2 up and boys from 4 up but that is about it so I have been searching ebay for gently used baby clothes. Just the basic things like bodysuits so I have something!

I have been trying to work out little things and hoping that I am not getthing a head of myself....


Mom of 5 said...

Planning is good. I think it helps with getting approved. We had to be approved as foster parents for our adoption and we did those kinds of things.
How exciting!

MMrussianadoption said...

Are you gonna foster or foster to adopt in the future?

OziMum said...

How does the foster system work? Do you put in "preferences" (age/sex/circumstance) as you do with adoption? What I'm getting at, do you have any idea, how old the child/children will be?