Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Want to go to the dentist?

I have had a toothache for 2 weeks and my normal guy I see left and the practice was hiring a new dentist but would not have one for another 2 weeks and I just cant stand another 2 weeks of this!!

So I rang another one in town and their standard out of pocket cost was $400 not including ANY WORK TO fix the problem!

So rang the next on the list! He doesn't have an opening until the 10th of NOVEMBER!!!!! :huh:

There was one last guy on the list who works out of his home! Or should I say is garage out of his back yard!!!

I rang yesterday and he had an opening for this morning I went in sat on the dentist chair (it WAS AN OLD OLD DENTIST CHAIR) it didn't move up down or anything!!!

Looked in my mouth and said I need to get an xray of my mouth! Which he didn't have so I had to go to the local hospital and get one! Off I went got in pretty fast took the film back to the dentist 30 mins latter! Waited while he was with another person.

Then he took a look said he could see the where there cavity was and he would give me 10 mins to go get the CASH!! $137 and he would fix my tooth as soon as I got back! :blink:

This place IS CASH ONLY!! And PAY FIRST!

Ran to the bank got the money then back in the chair no painkillers just in with the DRILL! :waco: He asked me to rinse and spit when I was putting the cup back in the holder I noticed lipstick on the rim of the cup!!

It wasn't my lipstick as I DIDNT have any on!!!

The cup hadn't been cleaned or put a new clean on in!! AHHHH no what else isn't cleaned?!?!?!

I really think iiiiiiiiewwwwwwwww yuck yuck let me outta here!!!

My tooth does feel SO SO Much better but now I just feel ill on what I a dentist trip it was!!


Maggie said...

Eeew. The lipstick on the cup got me. Glad your tooth feels better, but eeew.

OziMum said...

That sounds VERY wrong. I reckon I'd be ringing the health authorities about that one!!!

MMrussianadoption said...

oh how nasty.